"Port of Cultures" is a multi-functional cultural center with contemporary exposition about local identity of Mariupol.
Education and creating an institutionalized environment, which is ready for the risk of implementing innovative projects, updating socially significant topics, creating a visionary look at the future of the city are the tasks which will ensure the achievement of the main goal - creating an urban space that would become some kind of "third place" beside home, work or study space.
With the help of its public and educational programs, the center will tell residents and visitors of the city about its cultural phenomenon and historical layers. A modern, multifunctional, multidisciplinary cultural institution is designed to provide visitors with conditions for self-realization and mutual inspiration. Scientific research in the history of the city will contribute to the discovery, development and popularization of cultural and historical values of Mariupol and the Sea of Azov. Active cooperation with the international community, European and world cultural and scientific integration will ensure the implementation of one of the most important goals of the project - representing the cultural interests of Mariupol in the external environment.
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