Dear participants!
On March 8, 2020, the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the competition has ended. We received 49 projects from architectural teams and individual participants from 21 countries from all over the world. The geography of projects turned out to be unexpectedly wide even for the organizers of the contest: from the UK to the West, to Australia to the East from Mariupol. Architects from Ukraine, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Kenya, Iran, Sudan, Japan and other countries sent their projects to the judges. All of them executed at a high professional level, and the ideas and solutions presented in it testify to your deep interest in our city and project.
Unfortunately, three days after the acceptance of applications in Ukraine, as, indeed, in many countries of the world, there announced a quarantine. In many regions, including the Donetsk region, where, as you know, Mariupol located, authority introduces an emergency. The fight against coronavirus temporarily changed priorities and work schedules. In this regard, the results of the architectural competition postponed 07 of May 2020. Once again, we apologize for the inability to overcome the force majeure circumstances.

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